LTE is an Enabler, Not the Solution!

Consumer LTE and pLTE are two distinctly different approaches to unified communications infrastructure.

pLTE design success can only be achieved if one has understood the environment that the technology is being deployed in, the operational outcomes the end-user is seeking across their whole eco-system and the regulatory conditions that must be met.

Correctly designed pLTE infrastructure delivers Mission Critical reliability, scalability and Value for Money while Enabling true operational focus on the business of Mining.


network examples RDL.jpeg

LTE Coverage VS Cost VS Performance

•High throughput Capability at Distance (1-30km)

•Lower number of Transmission points than legacy technologies for same coverage area yielding lower km2 cost.

•Greater economies of scale on expansion compared to alternative technologies.

•Significantly lower maintenance cost and points of failure

RF Interface

•QOS. Able to run multiple services on different devices with guaranteed performance   

•Seamless handover between devices around the mine site with no adverse impact amongst devices.

•Continuous device throughputs of 1-20 Mbps depending on device & application.

Fully Scalable

•Network capacity and coverage can be expanded to mine user requirements.

User Devices

•A global ecosystem of modems, tablets, handsets, developed for a worldwide user base.