Oil, Gas, Pipeline Services & Solutions:                                    Up to Down stream

Comms International´s engagement model for the Oil & Gas industry is based on our Value Partner approach, which runs like a red thread through our different divisions. In the Oil & Gas industry, Comms International positions itself as a Total Communication Solutions provider, with broad and proven capabilities for offshore, onshore as well as pipeline projects, delivering solutions that adhere to the latest safety and efficiency standards, while delivering cost effective value to our customers.

Comms International divides its Oil & Gas Communications Solutions offering into the following three areas:

Offshore - Customized, turnkey communication and safety solutions throughout the entire platform, ensuring safety and productivity as well as platform- 2-platform, platform-2-marine, platform-2-air and platform-to-shore communication.

Onshore - Customized, turnkey communication and Safety solutions covering the complete spectrum of plant operations including safe and reliable people-2-people, plant-2-plant, plant-2-well heads-, camp and airfields communications.

Pipeline - Safe and durable communications and Safety                                                                              solutions for pipeline monitoring, breech alerts, people-,                                                                           vehicle- and works stations communications.


Comms International brings a unique level of communications and safety competencies to our Oil & Gas clients, leveraging our industry specific experiences and qualifications as well as leveraging the overall in-house experience span derived from many industries. 

Each new project benefits from this approach, meeting clients’ specific communications requirements through engineering, integration, total project management and maintenance commitments.

Comms International unique combination of specialized expertise allows us to engineer communication and safety systems, which seamlessly integrate into a common user interface, operating and maintenance routines, be it for internal plant functions, onshore-2-offshore components or people-2-people communications tools.

Comms International’s understanding of the Oil & Gas industries communications and safety needs from the explorative stages, the upstream needs and requirements through to the requirements of the downstream environment; all combined with support and resources of our Global Technology partners, allows Comms International to partner on both smaller projects as well as take over total responsibility for large projects.