Increase the situation awareness in the underground mines by enabling real-time positioning of vehicles, equipment and personnel together with visualization in 3D maps

Increase the collaboration between your personnel in the underground mine by integration of voice, messaging and CCTV services from the 3D view of the mine

Make better decisions by enabling data integration of various information sources to each visualized resource in the underground mine. Making it possible to search and visualize all tracked items (vehicles, equipment and personnel)

Increase the mine automation by creation of static or dynamical geofences with customized triggers and actions, e.g position based ventilation control.

Avoid production bottlenecks by visualizing the mining process in 3D and correlating the reality with the production planning and Workforce Management System

Allow us to help you with Quality Assurance

Make sure that the loading of materials have been performed in the correct part of the mine

Avoiding people waiting on each other: Identify people that has performed their tasks but forgot to report

Full integration to 3rd partyapplications such as Dispatch systems.