Our approach

Comms International designs, deploys and supports fit-for-purpose, performance-driven communications & technology integration solutions; engineered to improve Efficiency, Safety and Productivity for our clients. We serve the global UG/Open-Pit Mining, Off/On-shore Oil&Gas industries and the GeoEnvironmental & Security sectors. 

Comms International has its origins in Australia spanning almost two decades.  The Comms Group consist of direct Subsidiaries and Affiliated Group companies (equity/non equity based) in the USA, Indonesia, South Africa and China.
TecWise Sistemas de Automaçao, our Brazilian subsidiary, having operated with excellence for 20 years, serves as our LATAM foundation. Our focus is on the Brazilian/LATAM, African and Indonesian markets, and based on Client pull we also work on a Project basis in EU and Asia.

We are fortunate to attract industry leading Communications engineers & Technology integration specialist, as well as Vendor partners whom are market/thought leaders in their respective segments; all of which are directly involved in the design and management of our different solutions. 

Each technology integrated, or communications solution deployed, is engineered to improve efficiency, safety and productivity for our clients operations.

Each Technology answer given to a client comes coupled with Comms Internationals ability to ensure that we will be able to deliver an ROI to our clients beyond the monetary sense, always striving to demonstrate that anything put forth has a positive impact on Health, Safety and the Environment.

It is our goal to continue to grow in our core markets, leveraging our current relationship base, vendor partners and case experiences to attract and retain the best-of-breed people talent to support and deliver outcomes to our clients.

Consultancy Services

Comms International offers consultancy services in areas such as Automation, Communications Technology auditing, Site Engineering Studies, advisory and design.

Our well-trained and experienced Automation & Communications Engineers can review your current and planned Technology Integration & Communications requirements, provide recommendations and solutions for independent and objective action items.

Engaging Comms International for Consultancy services can be done in whichever form the client wishes, ranging from an objective sounding board through to participating in scheduled project work groups as an expert advisor.


Solution Design & Implementation – Turn Key or Modules

Comms International’s experienced Automation & Communications Engineers welcomes early stage work, starting with Conceptual designs and Site Engineering Studies to calculate coverage performance, Integration models all the way through to a final design.

All our designs are vetted, simulated and tested in our laboratories, as well as with our world leading Technology Partners.

As the industries we serve are extremely sophisticated, demanding the highest standards for safety and operative up-time; TecWise uses the latest design tools available on the market, yielding both cost-effective and robust solutions.

At Comms International the highest international Engineering Standards are adhered to meeting all requirements for Mining (underground and Open-Pit), Oil/Gas processing plants, offshore and onshore drill rigs, beneficiation plants as well as critical port and marine communications requirements, all inline with the international quality standards of ISO 9000.

Comms International is always focused on outcome and safety, and on being a relevant and good partner for our clients. Comms International is able to both provide complete turn key solutions for any Communications challenge within the industries we serve, as well as participate in large group projects with complementing but limited module responsibility.

When designing a Turn-Key Solution for our clients, the benefits to our clients are significant ranging from one point of contact through to reducing risk as well achieving cost savings.

Based on Comms International’s in-house team of experienced Designers and Project Management personnel; the delivery of projects on time and on budget is safeguarded.

Our ability to understand both the customer’s industry specific requirements and match these with best of breed technical options directly correlates to savings in cost and time.


Automation, Comms Management & Marc Arrangements

Comms International has developed over the years a range of case studies and a track record of providing onsite, as well as offsite management services for a range of different Communications platforms as well as for Technology Solutions for which our clients choose to engage TecWise as the Technology integrator.

MARC Contract Service Agreements for our Value Partner clients is something we welcome and aspire for. TecWise is able to tailor a MARC engagement to deliver the highest level of maintenance and repair support required for any size operation, at any project stage and with the ability to provide full-time/part-time and ad-hoc onsite support teams